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Win a FREE Professional Photo Shoot for winning your bodybuilding or fitness show!

Sponsorship Opportunity: Win “Overall” in the “Open Division” at your bodybuilding or fitness show and receive a FREE Photo Shoot with one of our professional fitness photographers! ($800 Value)

  • 2-Hour Photo Shoot at the FitnessModels.com Studio
  • Up to 4 Looks
  • 15 Professionally Edited Photos
  • Modeling Comp Card

Qualified Competitions:

  • Open Divisions: "Overall" winner of any division. Only winning your class does not qualify you for sponsorship. (Minimum 15 competitors)
  • IFBB Pro's: Top 5 placements. (Minimum 12 competitors)
  • Other Pro's: Top 3 placements. (Minimum 12 competitors)
  • **Approved Organizations: ALL Bodybuilding / Fitness Organizations
  • (Available for United States Competitions Only)

How to Qualify:

  1. Required: FM Member must purchase an FM Competition Suit or Robe, and must be representing FM by wearing their FM Competition Suit or Robe during and throughout the show day. (Shirts, Hats, Hoodies, etc. are not accepted for sponsorships)
  2. Before the show: After registration, take a photo of yourself wearing your FM Competition Sweats or Robe and holding your competitor number. Note: THE STAGE MUST BE CLEARLY VISIBLE IN YOUR PHOTO
  3. After the show: Take a photo of yourself wearing your FM Competition Sweats or Robe while holding your competitor number and your award(s). Note: THE STAGE MUST BE CLEARLY VISIBLE IN YOUR PHOTO
  4. Winning Submission: Submit your before and after photos to: winners@fitnessmodels.com for verification within 14 days of your show
  5. Note: Photo Shoot session will be schedule after we have verified your placement.

Sponsorship Rules:

  1. Members must be representing FitnessModels.com by wearing your FM Competition Sweats or Competition Robe throughout the competition day(s). Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Etc… are NOT acceptable for this sponsorship opportunity.
  2. Competitors must be an approved member of FitnessModels.com (To apply for membership, simply visit our home page and submit application)
  3. Your Winner Submission Photos MUST have the following components all clearly visible: You in your FM Competition Sweats or Competition Robe with your Competition Number and your Awards, with the stage in the background.
  4. Members can only win 1 Photo Shoot Sponsorship session per year
  5. All Bodybuilding and Fitness organizations qualify! (Available only in the USA)
  6. Must submit photos within 14 days of your show.
  7. Photo Shoot will take place in our Houston, TX studio.