FM Code of Conduct

The social sites of were developed to be a safe place for our exclusive members to post comments and engage with one another in a manner that is positive, encouraging, and/or informative. We believe in being respectful of one another which is reflected in our FM Code of Conduct.

As an Exclusive Member of, you agree:

  • To only submit postings that are positive, encouraging or informative.

  • To refrain from posting any material that is hurtful, defamatory, abusive, or the like of others.

  • To be respectful when disagreeing with the opinion of others, without malice or cruel speech.

  • That membership is an honor and privilege that was granted you based upon the subjective review of your application and interview, and membership may be suspended if your profile or on line postings project illicit behavior, photos, abusive comments or the like.

  • That Membership suspensions are at the sole discretion of FM.

  • That posts may be taken down at the sole discretion of FM.

  • That you may not post personal or contact information about any other member but yourself.

  • That you will respect the privacy of all members.

  • To respect the trademark protected logos of and FM Nutrition, and that any and all use of the logos without the expressed written consent of FM is strictly prohibited. Examples would be: FM logo on apparel; creating banners or other material presentations with FM logos for competitions or events that are not sponsored by FM or expressly approved by FM.
  • Members may not post products or services for sale nor solicit FM Members within the FM exclusive community without the expressed approval of Management. Any such requests must be submitted to
  • That the FM Code of Conduct may be edited from time to time without notice to the Members.

  • That Members agree to the FM Code of Conduct regardless of whether or not they have been read.