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What is

FM Services has many amazing services and opportunities that are exclusively offered to help our members succeed on many different levels during their fitness journey. Whether you are looking for Sponsorships for competing, or are interested in taking your modeling career to the next level, our dedicated team is here to help

News & Updates

Thank You

Friday, March 24, 2017

Thank you to all our members who helped make the 2017 Arnold Classic a great success! We look forward to next year being even bigger and better! Make sure you keep an eye open for future events. All events are posted regurarly in the private Facebook group, as well as announced via text and email.

Next Events:

Emerald Cup, Bellevue Washington April 28-29

JR USA's, Charleston South Carolina May 19-20

Europa Dallas, Dallas Texas June 17-18

More Events to be announced soon!

Dallas Europa: We will be offering another live photoshoot to several members. Be on the look out for details soon to come.

Upcoming Meet & Greets:

Don't forget, Monthly Meet & Greets in the following cities:

Atlanta GA

Pensacola FL

Greater NY/NJ

Dallas TX

Houston TX

Los Angeles CA

Arnold Classic

Friday, February 17, 2017 is excited to announce we will be at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio March 2-5. All FM members are invited to come by the booth, hangout, have some fun, and of course, spend time with your fellow FM'ers!

If you are not a member of FM but have been curious as to what we're all about, this is your opportunity. Come by and ask any questions you'd like, or better yet, simply come by and watch and you're certain to be impressed.


Iso-Splash: The ISO-Splash booth will be on hand with passing out Free samples of this revolutionary product. This will be a great time to try it for the first time, but if you've tried it before come on by and get you some more!

FM Gear: The FM team will be offering FM gear to our members on site.

Nightlife: Join the FM Staff and many of the FM members for a fun night out on the town. Members will be doing all sorts of things, so if you're ready to mingle and party, make sure you don't miss out.

Live On-Site Professional Photoshoot: 26 athletes will be taking part in a professional photoshoot live at the Arnold Expo Friday March 3rd, Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th. If you've never seen a photoshoot or have never seen how it's done professionally, this is your opportunity.

The following FM Athletes will be taking part in this exciting Shoot:

  1. Dana Wagner Nma Pro
  2. Toby Obi
  3. Linda Jacob White
  4. Ali Almonajed
  5. Austin Pitchford
  6. Kat Cox
  7. Jessica Phelps
  8. Beth Siracuse
  9. Charlotte Oldbury
  10. Natalie Cole
  11. Kl C Smith
  12. Colomba Aguad
  13. Amanda Aguzzi
  14. Nancy Natale Cress
  15. Melissa Andrews
  16. Candrea Judd-Adams
  17. Nicole Tovey
  18. Jenna Asher
  19. Joy Dematas
  20. Stephen Hagen
  21. Aaron Schutte
  22. Cali Stone
  23. Amanda Kurt Kato
  24. Justin de la Cruz
  25. Kendyl Nicole
  26. Anthony Roberto

Sponsorship Opportunities

Thursday, February 02, 2017 is excited to announce our 2017 competitor Sponsorship Opportunities!

There are 3 ways in which you can take part and win Free FM gear, photoshoots and even cash rewards!

  1. FM Gear:

    Win your class at any show in any division with any organization and you’ll earn $100 worth of credits that can be used towards FM gear.

  2. Photoshoots:

    Win the overall at in any division at any amateur show and win a free photoshoot.
    Place in the Top 5 at any IFBB show and win a free photoshoot.
    Place in the Top 3 at any non-IFBB pro show and win a free photoshoot.

  3. Cash

    Win the overall at any approved show (see link) and win a $1,000 and a free photoshoot. Applies to the following classes:

    Open Bodybuilding
    Open Classic Men’s Physique
    Open Bikini
    Open Figure
    Open Women’s Physique

Please visit to see all rules and requirements for sponsorship rewards.

FM Meet & Greets

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

FM Meet & Greets for the Month of January - All members are welcome to attend any of the events listed below. Events are NOT exclusive to those who live locally. Members may bring one (1) guest.


Los Angeles, CA

Event: Los Angeles
Location: LA Boulders, Rock Climbing Gym, 1375 E 6th Street #8, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Date: February 11th
Time: 2pm - 6pm
FMCR: Ani Ivanov / Tifani Stanley
(see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: This is the biggest wall climbing gym in LA with boulders up to 17ft high and 200 obstacles!! Come in comfortable clothes and shoes ready to conquer heights and have fun. Admission fee is $25.00.


Pensacola, FL

Event: Race Time!
Location: Fast Eddies Fun Center, 505 W Michigan Ave, Pensacola, FL 32505
Date: February 11th
Time: 3pm - ?
FMCR: Desirie Dez Crowe
(see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: Our Meet and Greet this month is about enjoying each other's time and having fun again! I need to see your driving skills! At Fast Eddies there are go cart race tracks, game room, snack bar, and so much fun stuff to do! Pizza and a fun race together on the track provided so bring your "A" game! Bring pocket change if you want to eat other goodies and play in the game room with each other!


Atlanta, GA

Event: Skate Atlantic Station
Location: 1380 Atlantic Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30363
Date: February 11th
Time: 12pm -2pm
FMCR: Lyschel Hicks
(see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: Please join us for an afternoon of fun on the ice while we skate in the heart of Atlantic Station's fun shopping district. We will have a blast on the ice and grab some warm treats nearby! Children of all ages welcome. 2 hours free underground parking is available.

Pricing: All prices include skate rental
CHILDREN (UNDER 12) - $10.00
SENIORS (65 AND OVER) - $10.00
(See their website for more info

NEW YORK and Surrounding Area

New York City / New Jersey / Philadelphia

Event: Top Golf
Location: 1013 US1 Edison, NJ 08817
Date: February 11, 2017
Time: 1pm - ??
FMCR: Nancy Cress

Event Details: Top Golf is the premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout. You can challenge your friends and family to addictive point-scoring golf games that anyone from the hopeful pro golfer to your neighbor's 7-year-old kid can play year-round. Please try to be on time. There will be a wait but we can all grab lunch while we wait. (See their website for more info

Dallas, TX

Location:Bowl & Barrel, 8084 Park Lane, Suite 145, Dallas, TX 75231
Date: January 4th, 2017
Time: 7pm- ?
FMCR: Denese Mitchell (see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: Bowl & Barrel is a modern American tavern designed to delight the most discerning foodies and cocktail connoisseurs, while offering a bowling experience unparalleled in the DFW Metroplex." Appetizers and desserts provided. The cost to bowl will need to be split between everyone. Once we have a final # I will let you know the cost per person to bowl. I have a reservation for 12 at the moment, subject to increase or decrease. Saturday = $25 half hour/lane ($50/hr) $5 Shoe Rental per Person. (See their website for more info

Houston, TX

Event:Laser tag and much more!
Location:Battlefield Houston Laser Tag, 11755 W Little York Rd #202, Houston, Texas 77041
Date: January 11th, 2017
Time: 6pm- ?
FMCR: Einrique Abulume (see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: Battlefield Houston Laser Tag is the largest indoor tactical battlefield in the United States. This would take laser tag to a whole new level of fun for us members. Forget what you know about traditional laser tag and come try out tactical laser tag with the FMStrong family. Games like Search and Destroy, Domination, Death match, Sniper and so much more. It's $13.50 per person and we would love you to join our FUN. Finger foods will be served so come hungry. We won't just play the game, we will LIVE the game! NOTE: Purchase before event date to keep proper head count. First 10 members gets the opportunity to acquire a $50 gift. Drawing will be announced at event so you never know when something special is coming your way because we are constantly looking for ways to “hook you up!”


Los Angeles

Event: Los Angeles LA Fit Expo 2017
Location: LA Convention Center; Los Angeles, CA
Date: January 7th
Time: 10am - 5pm
FMCR: Ani Ivanov / Tifani Stanley
(see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: Please arrive on time wearing your FM shirt. You can bring one guest. Since the event is highly attended allow enough travel and parking time. We will enter as a group and you will be offered $10.00 off your ticket price of $30.00. Your cost will be $20.00.



Event: Liberty lanes
Location: 3200 N. Palafox St. Pensacola FL. 32501
Date: January 14th
Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm
FMCR: Dez Crow:
(see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: FM family time sharing! We will bowl and eat appetizers as we enjoy each other in a fantastic fun place that has pool tables and a karaoke room!



Event: Sips and Strokes
Location: City Walk Sandy Springs, 230 Hammond Dr NE # 402, Atlanta, GA 30328
Date: January 15th
Time: 1:30pm -5pm
FMCR: Lyschel Hicks
(see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: Bring your favorite beverage and paint along with your Atlanta FM Family and a talented instructor as we are guided step by step from a blank canvas to a completed masterpiece.

You take your artwork that you have created home with you!
The cost for this event is $30 and you may pay at the door.
Light snacks and soft drinks will be provided for your enjoyment.
Please RSVP with Lyschel Hicks so she may get an accurate count and reserve our seats.



Event: Atlantic City Tropicana
Location: Atlantic city
Date: January 14
Time: 12pm
FMCR: Nancy Cress (see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: We are going to meet at Tropicana AC. Walk shops, dinner, gamble or watch people gamble. Then we will head to a club for the AC nightlife and if you can it is probably a good idea to stay overnight. Cheaper to find a hotel outside the casinos. Best option, would be uber to hotel. Members can find what option is affordable for them and maybe organizing roommates as well if you plan to stay the night.



Event: Barcadia
Location: 1917 N Henderson Dallas 75206
Date: January 7th
Time: 5pm -
FMCR: Denese Mitchell (see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: Our plan is to ring in the new year with appetizers, friends and tons of fun activities especially with the giant Jenga.


Event:Bubble Soccer and/or Archery Tag®...
Location:Memorial Indoor Sports Academy 1322 S Dairy Ashford Rd, Houston, Texas 77077
Date: January 14th
Time: 7pm- 9:30pm
FMCR: Einrique Abulme (see FB group for contact info)

Event Details: We will have Open Play Events may consist of Bubble Soccer and/or Archery Tag®... BUBBLE SOCCER is part soccer, part football, part sumo wrestling, part bumper cars and hysterical laughter. ARCHERY TAG is played similar to dodgeball with our bows and patented foam-tipped arrows. This exciting, action-packed game offers the ultimate family-friendly experience that engages everyone. Fitness Model Discount rate = $15 per person Entry fee will be for the entirety of the event and games will be held pick up style 5-7mins at length (minimum of 2 games guaranteed) Registration 7:00pm - Game play starts @7:30pm and appetizers will be served.

LA Fit Expo and the Sacramento Total Health & Fitness Expo

Sunday, Januaryr 01, 2017 will be in both Los Angeles and Sacramento this January for the LA Fit Expo and the Sacramento Total Health & Fitness Expo. You'll find us at the Iso-Splash booth.

LA Expo: Booth #261
Sacramento Expo: Booth #299

Come by the booth and say hello, take some pictures, and of course, have a great time with some of your fellow FM'ers. And if you haven't tried Iso-Splash yet, we'll be giving out samples as well as running a fantastic Expo special for only $5 per bottle or 5 bottles for only $20.

LA Expo, January 7th-8th
The Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Sacramento Expo, January 14th-15th
Cal Expo Fairgrounds
1600 Exposition Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95815

(see coupon on this page for a discount on your admission)

FM Is On The Prowl and Attending Competitions

Thursday, December 08, 2016 is excited to announce we will be attending numerous shows and expos during the 2017 calendar year. Our first big stop will be the 2017 Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio. Come by the booth and say hello, chat with the FM staff and help us make our booth the most exciting one on the floor!

Keep in mind we will need help with our booth, so if you’re going to be at the Arnold and want to dive in deep with the FM family this is your opportunity. Be on the lookout for more information very, very soon!

If you can’t make it to the Arnold there’s no need to fret. FM will be at numerous events this year including:

  • JR Nationals
  • USA’s
  • North Americans
  • Olympia Weekend
  • NPC Nationals

...and much, much more. Keep on top of the FM news feed to know where we’ll be next!

New ISO-Splash flavours in the FM Store

Thursday, December 08, 2016

"What is Iso-Splash? Iso-Splash™ is a zero calorie, zero sugar liquid that makes boring foods delicious without the guilt! Originally designed to make unflavored protein powder taste great, we soon found ourselves adding Iso‑Splash™ to just about everything. You will, too!

Bakes • Cooks • Microwaves • Add to Virtually Any Foods or Liquids"

New FM Sponsorship Opportunities

Thursday, December 08, 2016

2017 is right around the corner, and we’re ready to role out our new sponsorship program!

In 2017 we will be expanding the opportunities for our athletes. Regardless of the organization you compete in, we will have opportunities for everyone. We will be awarding cash prizes, free photo shoots and of course, FM credits for all the FM gear you want. The 2017 sponsorship program is simple:

  • Win your class in any organization and we will award you $100 in credits to be used in our company stores (open class)
  • Win the overall in any organization, and we will award you with a free photo shoot at FM Headquarters (open class)
  • Win the overall in one of the 60 selected shows (multiple organizations) and we will award you with $1,000 and a free photo shoot at FM headquarters (open class)

Full details, rules and requirements will be posted at as soon as the 2016 season is over.

Congratulations to our most recent sponsorship winners!

Koko Korang: $1,000 for her overall Figure win at the Max Muscle Virginia State Championships

John Poole: $100 for his middleweight Bodybuilding win at the Max Muscle Virginia State Championships

Upcoming FM Member Meet & Greets!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

December is upon us, and this month’s FM Meet & Greets are already in full swing! If you haven’t made it to one of these yet it’s really hard to describe what you’re missing.

Nothing screams FM like the FM family, and attending one of the numerous monthly Meet & Greets is the best way to get to know and spend time with people who are just like you!

There are 5 different locations for a great time this month that all include 5 very different things to do.

Please check the FM Facebook page for full details on each event or if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

Keep an eye on your email and the private facebook page for details each month on the local area Meet & Greets.
More locations coming in 2017!

Pensacola FL, Dec. 3rd

Ronald McDonald House & dinner at Cheddars

Grapevine TX, Dec. 4th

Site see the Gaylord Christmas décor followed by appetizers and deserts

Long Beach CA, Dec. 10th

Charity spin ride and lunch

Houston TX, Dec. 10th

Pinot’s Palette, paint, drinks and have fun

New York NY, Dec. 10th

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center

Atlanta GA, Dec. 16th

Safehouse Outreach and karaoke to follow